Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Tailspin" yarn

I'm not sure I ever want to do this but I found this interesting. She really sounds a bit "speedy" and for me spinning is a more mellow sort of activity. She may be doing this for the camera. I'm more at ease when I turn the sound off and just watch her.

The end result sort of looks like a Hungarian Puli dog. You've seen them they are the dogs with all the dread locks. I'm not sure I want to wear a Hungarian Puli dog around my neck.

Here she is suggesting that Jimi Hendrix or Stephen Tyler may want to wear this sort of scarf. OMG... I just saw her hair! It reaches past her rear end! She better be careful not to spin her hair into her yarn! Personally I never got the "long" hair bit. I certainly do not find long hair attractive especially when it's really really long. Not to talk about old ladies with long hair, don't even get me started on that!
When I see old ladies with long hair "witch" comes to mind and besides it's a lot of work to manage all that hair.

I'm sorry for ragging on Natalie, especially that I'm actually enjoying her videos but I have issues! In this video she is showing us the proper sitting position! Get rid of the high heels and cut the hair!

Posture is very important what they are not mentioning is standing up every half hour or so just to give your body a change sort of like in baseball when they have the 7th inning stretch. Warming up your fingers and hands also help, of course getting a massage every so often is excellent too.

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